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Payment Methods

Bdhaat Store Card or My Credit:

Bdhaat store card is an alternative payment method for the customers who do not want to use their credit cards or who have not gotten their credit cards from the bank yet. Bdhaat values all type of customers. Therefore, Bdhaat offers its own store cards through authorized Bdhaat dealers or Bdhaat directly. In order to buy our Store Card directly from Bdhaat, you can deposit your money to any Bdhaat bank account, email to info@bdhaat.com or text to 88-01764428336 the proof of bank deposit. Your account will be awarded with 2% additional worth of your deposit as My Credit. Afterwards, enjoy your freedom to shop anything you want from Bdhaat.

This option is available in Bangladesh and USA only. Please contact our customer service to find more.


Features and Benefits:

- An alternative payment method

- Hastle free

- Easy checkout

- 2% promotion of its original value (You will pay 100 Tk. for 102.00 Tk. Store Card)


Bangladeshi Credit Card:

You can pay your purchases using Bangladeshi VISA, master card and DBBL Nexus without any extra charges.


Bkash Mobile Payment: 

You can pay your purchases from Bangladeshi Bkash account using mobile phone without any extra charges. 

International Credit Card:

You can pay your purchases using international credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express) without any Extra charges.  



You can pay by your paypal account as well.


Bdhaat Gift Card:

Bdhaat Gift Card is ideal practice for the people who would like to give a gift to their loved ones. They can spend so much time to find a perfect gift for them, but most of the time it is very tough to do. In that case, give them the Bdhaat Gift Card instead of any specific products and they will find a verity of choice anf freedom in our store. You will see their smile because they will get exactly what they want. You can buy Gift Card for any amount you like from our store and send the information to the person you like. S/he can pay directly using Bdhaat Store Card or redeem this amount into his/her account as My Credit and then pay using Internal Credit. Click here to get your gift card now. Please contact our 24/7 customer support if you need assistance. 

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